The Activities  of the  Association started with a very successful  Family Get-together and a  Dinner on July 2, 2017 at  IIT Guest House after 2nd  AGM.

During the year  the following Meetings were held :

General Body Meetings

  1. September 03 , 2017 at IIT Guest House , BHU
  2. December 20, 2017 at IIT Guest House, BHU to discuss the details of Centenary Celebrations and Role of our Association.

Governing Body Meetings

  1. Emergent Meeting on NOV 11, 2017 At IIT Guest House

The unfortunate incident which happened in the Institute on Nov. 10, 2017, was discussed in detail and the whole incident was condemned by us. The Members met the Director and assured him our full support and cooperation. We met the students and counseled them. A Press Release was also issued by the Association. The role of some of our members were very much appreciated by the Director, students and Faculty.

  1. Meeting on December20, 2017 about Centenary Celebrations at IIT Guest House BHU

Prof. Tripathi  explained the details of Centenary Celebrations, SHATABDI KOSH and expectations from our organization. It was proposed to organize Workshops /Seminars on s topics like Smart City , Transportation System and other Social problems of Varanasi City during the Centenary Year. Mr. Nitin Malhotra was entrusted with this responsibility.

A  new Deptt. of  Architecture and Urban Planning was proposed in the Institute by our Member Mr. Nitin Malhotra  in BOG of IIT(BHU) and was approved as such. The Dept. is likely to take shape soon. This is an achievement of our Association.

Mr. Kunwar Vyomesh proposed a methodology to interlink  students with our member and   Counsel  them against indiscipline and other behavioral problems. It may be implemented soon.

  1. Meeting on 7, 20018 at IIT Guest House BHU

A Seminar on SMART  CITY  in association with  ASSOCHAM , IIT BHU and your Body was  proposed  by  Nitin  Malhotra  and is tentatively scheduled  on April 12,2018. Another  expert lecture  on DRUG  ABUSE was also proposed  in July 2018. The above events  were duly  approved  by  the Director and preparations are going on.

It was a matter  of pride  that the Institute entrusted  the  responsibility  of organizing  the GLOBAL ALUMNI MEET  2019  to our Association . The Committees  were formed  for the purpose  and  the  registration Fee  for Alumni from  India  and abroad was also fixed . The Matter regarding the generation  of  Corpus Fund during Centenary Year was  discussed.

  1. Meeting on April 21st 2018 at IIT Guest House

Detailed  discussion  for organizing  the Global Alumni Meet was held .The date  was  finalized as Feb. 8,2019  to  Feb.11,2019. Mr. Nitin Malhotra  was nominated  as Organizing Committee  Chairman  and  Mr. Kunwar Vyomesh and Prof. T.R.Mankhand as CO-Chairmen. Mr. Man Mohan Gupta was appointed as Treasurer for the event. The registration  of members  of the Association was made compulsory. A Seed Money of Rs. 20000.0 (Refundable) was approved for initial expenditure.

Meeting  of  the  Organizing Committee of Centenary Celebrations  held on  April 29,2018 at IIT Guest House

Some  of the members  raised  the  problem of  accommodation  for Alumni during Feb. 2019 due to KUMBH MELA  during this period and proposed to shift the date of the event to Dec. 2019 . It was suggested that alternative  accommodations should be explored before finalizing the date. The matter was referred back to Governing Body for reconsideration.

  1. Governing Body Meeting held on May 8, 2018 at IIT Guest House

The  suggestions /apprehensions expressed by the members of the organizing Committee Were  discussed and many alternative accommodations were suggested and it was finally decided to stick to the same date i.e. Feb.8-11,2019. The organizing committee was requested to go ahead with the necessary preparations for the event as per earlier program decided in the Meeting of April 21, 2018.


A Picnic and Family Get- Together was organized on JAN. 21, 2018  at  RAM NAGAR (Sri Lal Bahadur Shastri Smarak ) and DAGMAGPUR (Jalan’S Farm House) . It was a very successful event and was enjoyed by all.

Other Achievements of the Association during the year

  1. Erection /Renovation of BENCO CHIMNEY

It is a matter of happiness for our organization that we were instrumental in Persuading and Motivating  one of our Alumni ( 1982 batch  Met.) Sri P. Ramachandran  of Chennai ,to replace  the existing broken chimney  at  his own cost .  on our request, Mr. Ramchandran  visited us and also met  the Director and expressed his desire to donate the chimney . The drawing etc. for the same has been finalized and necessary approval etc. has been taken. The project is likely to be completed by Oct.2018.


Prof. Ramji Agrawal and other Members had a meeting with Mr. Abhijeet Solanki , President, IBGAA, on May 7, 2018 in the office of Dean , Resources and Alumni . It was decided that the IBGAA will be closely associated with Global Alumni Meet 2019 and many Alumni from USA will participate in the event. Some mutually agreed programs  will be followed in organizing the Meet.

  1. Our members actively participated in the Launching Ceremony of the Centenary Celebrations of the Institute in Feb. 2018 . We also joined Golden Jubilee Celebrations of 1968 Batch Alumni. 35th year Meet of 1982 Batch  and 1976 batch Alumni Meet were also attended by our members. You will be happy to note that your association was well recognized and was given due place in all the above events.
    Further, the visibility and presence of your Association has enhanced considerably during the year. we were invited in all the Functions and Events organised by our Institute like CONVOCATION, INSTITUTE DAY, TECHNEX, KASHI YATRA etc. This shows our better interlinking with the Institute and this is an achievement.
    Another encouraging feature –very good attendance in almost all our Meetings and active participation in the discussions.


The coming year will be very Challenging for us. We have to work hard, perform well and successfully organize GLOBAL ALUMNI MEET -2019. It is our LITMUS TEST. Let us join hands and    take your Association to a greater heights in coming days.


Ramji Agrawal

Kunwar Vyomesh