Memorandum Of Association




Registration No. 598/2015/16 Under U. P. Registration Act 1860
Registered Office Address :  D-57/60, KS, Sigra, Varanasi 221010


1)   NAME: The Association shall be called “The Benares Alumni Association of  IIT

     (BHU)”  and shall hereafter be referred to as “ The Association”

2) The Registered Office of the Association shall remain at Varanasi, with its

present  address at  Dr. Anita Diagnostic Realm,  D-57/60, KS, Sigra, Varanasi 221010

3)  The Aims and Objective of the Association are:

a) To encourage the Alumni to take an active and abiding interest in the work and progress of the Institute and contribute towards enhancement of Infrastructure, Technology and Social Environment.

b) The Association shall act as an interactive primary interface between all Alumni Associations /Chapters in India and Abroad and the Institute. The functioning between two or more Alumni Associations/ Chapters shall be harmonious, non-conflicting and concordant.

c) To promote fraternization amongst all Alumni of the Institute and also to promote Socio-Cultural Interaction between the Alumni and their family members.

d) To promote and foster mutually beneficial interaction between the Alumni and the Students of the Institute and amongst Alumni themselves.

e) To help the Institute in collaborating with Industries/ R&D Organizations to promote internships and placement of students and contribute in motivating and attracting the best of the minds as faculty.

f) To interface with Social and Civic bodies for participation with the Institute in Charitable and Social activities so as to provide solutions to the problems of the society through technological suggestions and position interventions aimed at prosperity and development of the region and the nation as a whole.

g) To recognize and support outstanding project work, research and development and innovation efforts or other professional activities by the members of the Institute fraternity and the Alumni: also to suitably recognize outstanding   persons engaged in Social Entrepreneurship and Community Service.

h) To enhance awareness about the achievements contributions and rich heritage amongst the Alumni, relevant organization and public in general.

i) To work with likeminded Organizations to foster better community building.

j) To institute and Organize Scholarship funds to help the needy and deserving students of the Institute as well as to provide scholarships / Funds to Students/Staff/Alumni.

k) To institute Prizes and Awards for outstanding project work, research papers and other professional activities by the factuality Alumni and the students of the Institutes and also to suitably recognize outstanding social and community services rendered by them.

l) To encourage coordination and facilitate interaction amongst various Associations and Chapters operating in India and Abroad, including that of Women/ Girls Associations if any.

m) To mobilize resources for supporting the objectives of the Association.

n) To undertake all such other activities which are conducive or incidental to the attainment of above objectives and beneficial to the interest of the Institute and /or its Alumni.


The Names , Addresses, Occupations  and the  designations of the present Members of the Governing Body , to whom the management  of the Association  Is  entrusted with, as required  under section 6 of the Society  registration Act  sof  1860  and  as applicable to the State of UTTAR PRADESH, are as per this link